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Since 2009, we are at the forefront of technology through liaising, designing, advising on, sourcing and producing unique solutions for people.

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We started back in 2009 with the purpose of fusing business and technology into useful, easy and fun to use, everyday solutions for people and companies.

We have played a key role in shaping the European IoT market by being the first to materialize, in Europe, IoT telemetries in consumer applications.


We are developing AI solutions that give new meaning to business intelligence and enable companies to take advantage of unexploited information floating in myriads on the Internet.

We want to make AI accessible to all, giving cross-market equal competing opportunities.


We aspire to use our knowledge in AI and IoT for the greater good.

We have already set our eyes on goals like reduction of companies carbon footprint through operations optimization AND improvement of work-life balance by using robots in the workplace and in home.


founded in

1st company to introduce natural handwriting recognition in a MacOS compatible application.

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the team

Our team is what makes us great 🙂
Artificial Intelligence without people to guide it and use it, is an empty vessel. People will always be the secret sauce for every endeavour, and ours is no different.
Christos K
Nicholas V
Sissi K
Nina P
Hermione N
business systems
Nancy Z
sales operations
Panos D

The team is growing. So, don't be shy. We'll be happy to get to know you, and hopefully have you onboard!

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founding members

Christos K

Tech Lead

An early software developer and a later IT and management consultant. Studied physics, economics and technoeconomics only to realize that...

I need to get my hands 'dirty' once again to write code that solves real business problems.

founding members

Sissi K

Linguistics Lead

I never thought that a strong academic background in Latin, French and Ancient Greek would ever integrate so seamlessly with technology.

All I can say is that Natural Language Processing made my day!

our mission

is to reinvent market intelligence

and we'll be happy to have you with us in this journey
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