the company

G&C is built upon 3 distinct business units that work autonomously, yet intra-connected.
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the 1st to have introduced
(app)cessories in Europe in 2009
An “unconventional” distributor oriented in introducing, innovative and pioneer solutions in the service of consumers.
Having an established network of retailers in UK, Germany & Greece, in sales channels that range from telecommunications and CE to sporting goods and games, G&C distribution is truly different because it leads market developments instead of just moving the boxes.
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G&C distribution is a
proof of our efficiency and effectiveness
A team of selectively chosen, highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in the enterprise ontology, approaching undertaken projects as enablers and not as experts.
Our services are not an exclusive luxury for some but an accessible benefit for all. This is why we have advised companies ranging from Qatar Petroleum to Vodafone and various start-ups.
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The latest asset in the armory of G&C.
Prepare to be amazed!
A result of operating G&C distribution and G&C consultancy as well as listening to our own professional and personal needs.
We create stuff because we love to and because we want businesses to have solutions to use and people fun stuff to play with.
We have already developed some amazing apps and now we are planning their introduction to the market.
So… stay tuned!